Although his previous membership of the armed group made it difficult for him to openly reject the terrorist attacks, in the mid-nineties he became fully involved in the Gesto por la Paz (Gesture for Peace) movement. These activities led to the first threats from ETA. In 1999 he became a PSE town councillor of Zarautz. A few months later ETA set fire to the warehouse where he stored his work tools and his van and he got threatening graffiti messages.
On 15th May 2001 Landaburu was seriously injured when a letter-bomb from ETA exploded. The explosion resulted in the amputation of several phalanges of his fingers, the lost of sight in one eye and several scars. In spite of all this, Gorka Landaburu continued to live in his town and remained a journalist.
On 25th October 1978, Rosa Vadillo’s life broke in two when ETA killed her husband, Epifanio Vidal. The victim worked in a garage and several terrorists waited for him to leave work and then shot him at point blank range. After the first complicated months following the loss of her husband, Rosa Vadillo sought refuge in her job and also had to focus on raising her son Iban.
On 7th March 2008, after her night shift in a factory, Marian Romero said goodbye to her husband Isaías Carrasco, who was getting ready to leave to go to work in a motorway toll booth. After a while, Marian and her eldest daughter heard some noises and when they ran down into the street, they came across Isaías getting out of his car, badly hurt. Isaías Carrasco had been shot and killed by ETA. Romero became a widow with three dependent children aged 20, 14 and 4. The youngest of them, Adei, witnessed the scenes of his wounded father from the window of their home.
On 13th March, 1976 an ETA terrorist got into the taxi driven by Cristian Matías’s grandfather, Manuel Albizu. The family continued living in the village of Zumaia. Although Manuel Albizu’s funeral was fitting and well-attended, nothing has been done in recognition of him since and the perpetrators of the crime have never been found.
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