On September 14, 2000, ETA attempted to murder Jose Ramón Recalde. A terrorist, armed with a gun, was waiting for him at the door of his home and shot him through the mouth. Fourteen days after the attack, he was discharged from hospital but, even today, he continues to suffer from swelling in the mouth and has trouble speaking.
Author of numerous theses that analyse youth and political violence, Javier Elzo is known for his political involvement and his analyses on the influence of ETA and its supporters. As a result, he has been threatened on numerous occasions and has needed bodyguards for years.
On April 13, 1980, ETA killed Eugenio Lázaro. He was shot in the neck, at the age of 49, while returning from Mass on his to a busy area in Vitoria. Eugenio Lázaro had been a lieutenant and also captain in the former "Policia Armada" (police force under the Franco dictatorship) in Vitoria. Eugenio had been repeatedly threatened by ETA.
ETA supporters planted two homemade devices on the door of José Manuel Ros' office. On both occasions, the explosions only caused damage to property, however regrettable. On March 24, 1999, Jose Manuel Ros decided to resign and leave his municipal office for his family's sake. Tired of the political situation and looking for peace of mind, in 2001, he and his family moved to Barañain (Navarre), where they reside at present.
On July 20, 1976, her son Eduardo Moreno Bergaretxe "Pertur", leader of ETA Political-Military, disappeared in the Irun-Hendaye border region. He has never been heard from since.
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