April, 2011

On May, 25, 1988, ETA killed her brother, Sebastián Aizpiri, a restaurant owner in Eibar. Years later, Ana suffers the defamation of the radical people.
In 2001, the police informed him that they had found information on him among documents seized from an ETA commando arrested in Eibar. They had been tracing his movements for some time. The police advised him not to live in Eibar. He moved with his family to San Sebastian.
In August 2000 the Ertzaintza (Regional Police Force) found information about him and his home among documents seized from ETA's Bizkaia Commando. The police assigned him a bodyguard immediately. On November 7, 2001 ETA murdered his colleague José María Lidón. Since then, he has not been able to dispense with the police escort.