October, 2011

On September 29, 1980, three members of ETA Politico-Militar broke into his home and locked him, together with his mother and two sisters, in the kitchen. The terrorists kidnapped his father, an executive committee member of UCD (Unión de Centro Democrático) of Álava, José Ignacio Ustaran Ramirez, at gunpoint and killed him moments later.
On September 6, 2007, as she left a ceremony in a chapel in the town of Lizartza, she was attacked by a radical nationalist with the mast of a banner in support of prisoners. The assailant was sentenced to four years in prison and to a fine of 1,800 euros.
In 2002, he received the first letter of extortion from ETA. The terrorist organisation was demanding a payment of 25 million pesetas. His own daughter appeared as the sender when it arrived at the company. C.L. says: "I never paid. My approach was to keep the business for my son in the future so that when he finished his studies he could train to manage it. But when my son got married, his wife did not want them to remain here due to the extortion that I was suffering. I no longer saw any reason to continue so, in 2008, I decided to sell the company."