November, 2011

On 17 June, 1995, a group of radicals filled the Hernani town hall council room. It was the day the new city council was being sworn in and the day Rekondo was re-elected mayor. The radicals organised a pitched battle, overturning the ballot box being used to elect the new mayor and attacking several councillors. He suffered endless similar situations.
In November 2000, ETA planted a bomb at the door of her house with 2 kg of explosives and shrapnel. Juan, Aurora's husband, was leaving the house to take his son to the nursery. He opened the front door forcefully, which disconnected the wire that connected the detonator to the bomb, which was hidden in a plant pot on the landing. Only the detonator exploded, causing some damage. They made the decision to leave the Basque Country.
On February 28, 2002, ETA tried to kill Esther Cabezudo by detonating a bomb hidden in a shopping cart. That day, Cabezudo and her bodyguard decided to walk along the opposite pavement, which saved their lives. She, Iñaki, her bodyguard and 18 other people were injured in the blast.