December, 2011

Councillor for PSE-EE in the City Council of Getxo, on 19 February, 2001 the family home in Getxo was attacked with Molotov cocktails. Since the attack Joseba has had bodyguards and his family has been constantly harassed by their neighbours.
On March 21, 2000, ETA planted an explosive device at his parents' home. He was the target, but the terrorists mistook his name for his father's. Following the attack, he decided to live outside the Basque Country with his family, where he returned in early 2011.
On 8th August, 2000, ETA killed his father, the businessman José Maria Korta from Gipuzkoa, founder of the company, KORTA S.A. and chairman of the Gipuzkoa business association, ADEGI.