April, 2012

On October 23, 1980, the Anti-capitalist Autonomous Commandos kidnapped, interrogated and killed his father, Juan Manuel Garcia Cordero (53), CEO of Telefonica in Gipuzkoa, in San Sebastian. They shot him in the back of the head. Iñaki's family decided not to leave and remained in their family home in San Sebastian.
On September 14, 2000, ETA attempted to murder Jose Ramón Recalde. A terrorist, armed with a gun, was waiting for him at the door of his home and shot him through the mouth. Fourteen days after the attack, he was discharged from hospital but, even today, he continues to suffer from swelling in the mouth and has trouble speaking.
Author of numerous theses that analyse youth and political violence, Javier Elzo is known for his political involvement and his analyses on the influence of ETA and its supporters. As a result, he has been threatened on numerous occasions and has needed bodyguards for years.