May, 2012

ETA tried to kill Iñaki Dubreuil on 22 February, 2001, by remotely triggering a car bomb as he passed on his way to work. As a consequence of the explosion, ETA took the lives of Josu Leonet and Jose Angel Santos who, along with many others who were injured, were near Iñaki Dubreuil as they headed to work. Iñaki Dubreuil suffered first, second and third degree burns and shrapnel wounds that have cured over time. He has also suffered psychological symptoms for which he is still under treatment.
On 20 March, 2001, ETA murdered Josu Elespe's father, Froilán, making him the first Socialist councillor murdered by the terrorist group. The councillor was having a drink in a bar before going home for lunch when a terrorist walked in and shot him from behind.
On February 22, 2000, ETA murdered her son, Jorge Diez Elorza, a regional policeman and bodyguard for Fernando Buesa, in a car bomb attack that killed both of them.